Kovinar d.o.o. is a manufacturing company with a 60-year tradition. Its primary activity is drop forging of all types of steel (stainless, alloy and carbon steel) and aluminium alloys, as well as copper and brass alloys. Our knowledge and professional competence enable us to provide hot and cold forming of metal, i.e. drop forging of all types of steel (stainless, alloy and carbon steel) and aluminium alloys. The final weight of our products is between 0.05 kg and 9 kg. Besides our primary activity of drop forging, we also offer comprehensive technical solutions: mechanical processing, thermal processing, anodising, galvanising, KTL-coating, magnetic particle inspection (Feroflux), welding, assembly of parts, etc. We perform the majority of these technological processes in cooperation with our professional business partners. Every year, we produce approximately 1500 tons of steel and 400 tons of aluminium products, while our production of copper and brass forgings is slightly smaller.
Our products are used in the following industries:
  • Electrical industry;
  • Car and motorcycle industry;
  • Hoist systems;
  • Agricultural mechanisation;
  • Medicine;
  • Shading systems;
  • Railroads and trains;
  • Engineering, etc.
We perform drop forging services mostly for the markets of Central, Western and Northern Europe. We export most of our products to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The share of export in our entire realisation is over 95%. Kovinar d.o.o. is mostly known by its superior quality, reliability, professional competence, responsiveness and short delivery times. All our products are produced in accordance with the ISO9001 quality certificate.
Quality and innovative transformation of aluminium and steel by the method of forging across various industries since 1959.
Out tradition, professional competence and knowledge, which are passed from generation to generation, constitute a significant advantage of our company. We approach every new project in an analytical manner, we study the client’s requirements and we suggest potential improvements that could increase the quality of products and lower the costs of the project. Every new project/product is a new challenge for us and we look forward to such challenges that help us evolve professionally and ever further expand our set of skills and knowledge.
Commitment to our employees
The company currently employs 60 people. The company’s policy focuses on our employees because we want to upgrade our mutual relationships, we stimulate and acknowledge above-average performance and we provide a pleasant working environment.
Commitment to excellence
The quality of our products and operations is of prime importance to our company. Since 2009, we have successfully passed every annual examination for the ISO9001 quality certificate.
Commitment to nature
In the coming years, we also want to obtain the ISO 14001 certificate, which is the international standard for environmental management systems, because we are aware that our nature and the environment cannot be taken for granted.
We wish to minimize our company’s impact on the environment and thus provide better and nicer conditions for the people living in the surrounding areas, and a cleaner future for our descendants. Although we did not yet obtain the certificate, we are already making many efforts to minimize our impact on nature. We already implemented many investments that confirm our commitment to nature.
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