Quality certificate: ISO9001:2015
Since 2009, we successfully passed all annual examinations for the ISO9001 quality certificate. Our objective is to use the quality certificate as simple as possible and to operate in harmony with the certificate, because we are aware that the guidelines of the ISO9001:2015 standard can make our operations significantly easier and set a clear path towards high-quality drop forging services, including enquiries, preparation of technical documents, production management and invoicing. Acting in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality system is very important to us! We are certified by the international certification provider TÜV SÜD Sava.
The ISO 9001 certificate proves the ability of an organisation to consistently comply with and exceed the expectation of its buyers. This is why many buyers demand from their suppliers that they are ISO 9001 certified because this reduces their own risk of buying bad products or services. A company that is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard is able to achieve significant improvements regarding its organisational efficiency and the quality of its products by reducing losses and errors, while, at the same time, increasing its productivity.
Benefits of ISO 9001:
  • Improvement of profitability and efficiency
  • Standardised business processes and procedures
  • Increase of productivity with correct information and equipment
  • Reduction of operational costs and production errors
  • Increase in the satisfaction of customers
  • Increase of the employees’ safety at work
  • Stronger competitive position
AA+, CompanyWall
The certificate of credit rating excellence class AA+ shows to our current and future business partners, clients and suppliers that we possess the two most basic business characteristics – that we are a trustworthy and a reliable company. A good credit rating additionally confirms a company’s reputation in the local and international business environment, and it provides confidence to all partners and clients that cooperate or will cooperate with the company.
The certificate of credit rating excellence is awarded by CompanyWall as a confirmation of a company’s prosperity, stability and reliability. This certificate is very important to us because it shows that we take our payment discipline and credibility of our operations very seriously. 
Analytical research shows that companies that possess the CompanyWall certificate of credit rating excellence operate more stably, achieve long-term success and are recognised as such on the local and international market.