Magnetic Particle Inspection
Since 2017, Kovinar d.o.o. also provides magnetic particle inspection services using the device Deutroflux UWE 350 manufactured by the renowned German manufacturer Karl Deutsch. Magnetic particle inspection is performed using magnetic particles and an artificially generated magnetic field. It is used for detecting surface errors in ferromagnetic materials. Under the influence of the magnetic field, ferromagnetic particles accumulate in areas with errors or deformities on the workpiece, which creates visible magnetic indications (colouring). The advantages of a magnetic particle inspection are mostly high sensitivity and a high error detection rate in workpieces. This method works regardless of the geometry of the workpiece and it is also possible to detect subsurface errors. The magnetic particle inspection method is mostly used for very complex workpieces that are installed or used in very demanding and sensitive industries (car and motorcycle industry, airplane industry, engineering).
Feroflux Kovinar Vitanje
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