History of the company

Quality and innovative transformation of aluminum and steel by the method of forging in various industries since 1959.
Establishment of the company. The company was owned by the state at that time. The then forging programme included the production of agricultural tools: pitch forks, axes, rakes, hoes, shovels, etc.
Mr Anton Kokol Sr., who is considered to be the father of the company Kovinar d.o.o., joined the company. He was the company’s Director until 2001, and since 2001, he is the company’s Procurator.
1964 - 1965
The Director of the company Mr Kokol Sr. successfully introduced the process of drop forging steel. Forgings were made for the engineering industry and agricultural mechanisation.
1970 - 1972
the Director of the company Mr Kokol Sr. successfully introduced the process of drop forging aluminium. Forgings were made for the electrical industry.
1975 - 1995
In 1975, the company started to manufacture its own products, which were presses and mills for fruits, especially grapes. In 1995, the company restructured and suspended this production programme.
1993 - 1994
After the independence of the Republic of Slovenia, the public company became a private undertaking with the procedure of denationalisation – Kovinar d.o.o. was established. There are currently three major shareholders and seven minority shareholders in the company.
the company introduced the ISO9001 quality system. The system itself contributed to better business and production processes. Obtaining this certificate had a beneficial effect on the number of new customers.