Mechanical treatment

Kovinar d.o.o. also provides additional mechanical treatment of forgings. On our own or in cooperation with our business partners, we prepare the technological procedure for the mechanical treatment of forgings. This procedure includes professional and innovative construction of fastening and drilling devices that contribute to the maximisation of the quality and the minimisation of the costs of treatment.
We perform simple mechanical treatment procedures ourselves, while our external business partners perform more complex mechanical treatment procedures using modern CNC milling units or latches with three, four or five axes, depending on the technological treatment requirements of the product.
Our requirements regarding the quality of technological procedures and final products are very high. We perform regular examinations and offer suggestions to our business partners in the field of mechanical treatment. We can only ensure constant quality if our partners are also certified according to the ISO9001 quality standard. More and more clients also demand that our partners and we are ISO9001 certified.
Mehanska Obdelava Kovinar Vitanje
In cooperation with our partners, we also provide the following services: