Production programme

We specialize in hot forming (drop forming) of intermediate products made of steel that can weight between 0.05 kg and 9 kg. The technological process of drop forging enables Kovinar d.o.o. to forge intermediate products with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.
Our products are used in different industries:
  • Electrical industry;
  • Car and motorcycle industry;
  • Hoist systems;
  • Agricultural mechanisation;
  • Medicine;
  • Shading systems;
  • Railroads and trains;
  • Engineering, etc.
We perform drop forging services mostly for the markets of Central, Western and Northern Europe. We export most of our products to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The share of export in our entire realisation is over 95%. Kovinar d.o.o. is mostly known by its superior quality, reliability, professional competence, responsiveness and short delivery times. All our products are produced in accordance with the ISO9001 quality certificate.